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Keeling Juices Website Banner Design
Keeling Juice Apple Juice Label Design
Keeling Juice Van Signage Design
Keeling Over Fridge Banner Large

Keeling Juices

Keeling Juices have been making quality juices for over 30 years, using only the finest ingredients. In 2019 Hensman design was approached by John Keeling to rebrand the company with a new logo and packaging design. Quality has always been the mainstay of Keeling Juices so we knew the new logo had to reflect that. 


We decided to keep the packaging minimal and let the award winning quality of the juice show through – literally!  We updated the existing website with the new branding to reflect the quality of the juice and the craftsmanship of the process. The company Van has been given a makeover too!


In June 2022 and 2023 we were able to go back to Bloom to showcase the products.  A set was designed as well as complementary signage and banners.  

Juice Bottle Design

Customer Testimonial
Bloom 2023 Stand Design

I received many many compliments on the artwork and the stand overall. I can tell you it was a great to have one of the best stands in the show and we were very pleased with how it turned out. Thank you so much.  JK

Keelings Bloom Stand 2023
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